And so it begins.


Hey there! My name is Heather aImagend I have started this blog as a companion blog to my other website. I have recently discovered the limitless world of amigurumi; the Japanese style of crocheting creatures and basically anything your imagination can come up with! So my imagination has come up with a whole world, inhabited by all manner of weird and wonderful beings!

My aim for this blog is to document my journey from initial thought conception through to (hopefully) the finished product and everything else in between. I hope that anyone reading this gains as much pleasure from reading it as I do from writing it and that if you have some free time, you can stop by and take a step into the magical world that is Arann, where Badger’s talk (& have Twitter accounts!) fairy’s flutter about and strange and mythical creatures go about their daily lives, unaware that they are strange and mythical 🙂



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