The week ahead :)


Hello! Another week has begun and with it a fresh wave of challenges 🙂 Progress has however been made and Mr. Art Badger is one small step closer to being complete….he now has a head!

Image  Image


Now the above is just a draft! There are so many things that I want to work on and change; the eyes are definitely not right (they were the only ones I had to hand!), the stitches are ragged and some too lose, and his nose/ snout will be changed completely. I also plan on adding cheeks, to puff his face out a bit. Oh and I also plan on making him bigger, a lot bigger 🙂  I think the biggest challenge I face is how to inject personality into him. I know when the eyes are changed it will help, oh and also when the small issue of giving him an actual body is resolved! I think for the coming week I am going to take a step back from Art, let it settle a bit and work on another creation; this one being much simpler, which I am hoping will boost my confidence a little and get my creative juices flowing more. Also I find one of the best forms of motivation for me is seeing a finished product, it makes all the doubt and second guessing worth it.

So that is my plan for the week ahead 🙂 I hope if you are working on your own creative project that you find it rewarding and can overcome any challenges you may face along the way, learning as you go. No matter what you get up to this week I hope it is enjoyable and fun 🙂

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