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Hey there! I hope every one is having a great Monday 🙂 Today I just wanted to quickly post a sneak peek at my first ever amigurumi pattern 🙂 He is almost finished and is dying to get out there and meet everyone! This guy is going to be a free pattern and I am currently working on digitizing  my notes and researching the best way to make it available here on my blog for anyone who would like to have a go at crocheting him.
When everything is done and ready to go Mr. Art Badger tells me he will be writing a blog post all about his friend and that will be available on http://www.moonofarann.com.
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Shhhhhh…….. 🙂 Here he is, almost ready to make his debut into the world, he tells me he can’t wait!


The colour change(s) :)


Hi! So this week I have been working on bringing Mr. Art Badger out of my mind and into a physical form, through the medium of crochet. Doesn’t sound too bad? Looking back on the week, really it hasn’t been that difficult, but at the time each day seemed like a wasted one, with no measurable progress being made. Last week I got the basic shapes down, head, ears etc. and I crocheted them all in one colour wool (black) and pinned them in place. So far so good 🙂 However since I am relatively new to this craft (and this is my first ever time creating my own amigurumi pattern), this weeks task has been a steep learning curve!


A rough sketch of what I want the finished head to look like! Bringing this to life is proving interesting 🙂

Badgers, as most people will know, have a mainly white face with two distinctive black stripes running down the center. There in lies the problem! I was going great this afternoon crocheting away, so happy that it was starting to take shape and actually resemble something close to what I had envisioned, when I began to notice the obvious; when crocheting in the round (and making colour changes) the stitches of each round become slightly askew from the stitches in the previous round. D’oh!!! So I consulted “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi” by June Gilbank (of http://www.planetjune.com), a book that I found so helpful and keep returning to again and again, and was relieved to find a solution to my problem; turn work at end of each joined round! The appearance will be different but I am really interested to see how it takes shape. Maybe the added texture will help create Art’s personality a little more. Or maybe I will have to return to the drawing board all over again. Either way I am determined to enjoy the process and to give myself more credit for each little step I take in the right direction. One of the reasons I love craft is that it teaches me patience, a life skill that I think comes in very handy each and every day in every aspect of living 🙂 I think over the coming days and weeks I will be drawing more and more on my mindfulness skills and meditation techniques, but that is a whole other topic for another day 🙂

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