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It will never rain roses. When we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.
-George Eliot

I love this quote and find it very apt most of the time. Being a great lover of books and reading and trying bit by bit to expand my knowledge, I find I fall down the most on getting out and putting all that knowledge to good use. So from now on when I want more roses, I will go out and plant them, literally and figuratively! 

It will never r…

Why I create?


Hey there, I hope this day finds you well 🙂 You may have seen the #whyicreate doing the rounds on social media lately (it’s a competition that Etsy have been running) and it got me to thinking about my answer to that question. Why do I create? Here is what I posted to Twitter: “I create because I cannot not create, it is something inherent to my being, without which I am simply not me!”

I really enjoyed having to answer the question via Twitter as it forced me to condense my thoughts down to 140 characters or less! The whole creative process and where I fit into it has been on my mind a lot lately. It is a side of my character that, for many different reasons I have been trying to hide over the years, and have only recently really began to accept it and allow it to grow and evolve. Sometimes I feel the whole process so overwhelming as the freedom it gives you is immense! I want to do everything all at once, and ultimately end up doing very little, if anything at all! That is one of the reasons I am so excited about having discovered crochet as a creative outlet. I enjoy the technical and the creative sides of the craft and really it just fits me! You know that feeling when something feels natural, like you have been doing it all your life even though you have just picked it up?! I still enjoy taking a stroll down many other crafty / creative avenues; painting, drawing, poetry, photography etc. but I think I can finally say that for now I have found my niche 🙂

So if you create, no matter how big or small, why do you? What drives you, inspires you or frightens you?! Hopefully the answer to that question may bring you some interesting insights you never realised you had 🙂 Now be free and create!!! 🙂